The Molenbergnatie group is a leading, innovative and trustworthy partner in end-to-end supply chain management of soft commodities.

Since its foundation in 1867, Molenbergnatie has grown into the world’s leading supply chain management company for coffee, cocoa and other soft commodities such as rice, dairy and nuts. With headquarters in Antwerp, Molenbergnatie has expanded to Barcelona (Spain). Molenbergnatie offers a complete logistics service package, handled by professionally trained staff. Our variety of services includes forwarding, processing, customs declaration, warehousing and distribution.

Next to passion, responsibility and integrity are fundamental corporate values. Therefore, we continuously invest in our staff by creating a working environment where everybody feels at ease and employees are trained to stay ahead of the league.

Do you want to be part of this?

What will you be doing as Dispatcher?

Do you have a passion for transport and trucks? Do you feel at home in the port of Antwerp and do you share our interest in the logistics world? Then read on to learn more about the Dispatcher position!

As a Dispatcher you receive on the one hand all external persons and suppliers at the terminals of Molenbergnatie and you ensure that the associated administrative processes run smoothly. In addition, you put on the 'planners' hat, and with your systematic insight and instructions you ensure that our drivers can load and unload smoothly where they should.

  • You man the gate of our Molenbergnatie terminals within the Port of Antwerp

  • You collect info from operations to coordinate the transport needs in function of priorities.

  • You schedule trucks on a daily basis, with associated administration and thus guarantee the optimal occupation of the right people and rolling stock

  • You play a central role in communicating with our drivers, terminals, operations, transporters and subcontractors about the planning

  • Invoicing and classification is also part of your tasks

What does Molenbergnatie expect from you?

  • The port of Antwerp and the logistics world are not unknown to you, or you would like to get to know it

  • You have a strong interest in the transport world

  • You speak Dutch well and English also knows no secrets

  • With your strong communication skills you like to work with a diverse audience

  • You can be flexible, the timetable can vary and is between 05:00 and 19:00.

What can Molenbergnatie offer you?

  • A workplace with the latest technologies where innovation is key

  • A stable company with an established name in the market

  • Training programs, team building and nice gifts throughout the year

  • A competitive salary package with the option of a lease bike through salary exchange

  • Pleasant working environment with an eye for the well-being of our employees


The Molenbergnatie group is a leading, innovative and trustworthy partner in end-to-end supply chain management of soft commodities.
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