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The Molenbergnatie group is a leading, innovative and trustworthy partner in end-to-end supply chain management of soft commodities.

Since its foundation in 1867, Molenbergnatie has grown into the world’s leading supply chain management company for coffee, cocoa and other soft commodities such as rice, dairy and nuts. With headquarters in Antwerp, Molenbergnatie has expanded to Barcelona (Spain). Molenbergnatie offers a complete logistics service package, handled by professionally trained staff. Our variety of services includes forwarding, processing, customs declaration, warehousing and distribution.

Next to passion, responsibility and integrity are fundamental corporate values. Therefore, we continuously invest in our staff by creating a working environment where everybody feels at ease and employees are trained to stay ahead of the league.

Do you want to be part of this?

Customer Service Representative (Team Agro)

Do you feel at home in the port of Antwerp and do you share our passion for the world of soft commodities? Are you a problem solver who wants to realize a complete warehousing and export service for your customer?

As a Customer Service Representative at Molenbergnatie you are responsible for the export and warehousing services to our customers and their soft commodity products (soy, rice, bulgur, nuts and dries fruits). This from our head office in the port area of ​​Antwerp. To manage your own goods files, you have daily contact with customers, agents and shipping companies. You are also responsible for smooth and effective communication to other departments within our company.

Your responsibilities will look like :

  • Managing incoming and outgoing goods flows 🌍️ in communication with agents, shipping companies and transporters

  • Contact with the customer about all actions taken, always by e-mail πŸ“§ or telephone πŸ“±

  • Stock tracking, registration and confirmation of purchases and sales by the customer

  • Creation of (simple) customs documents and ordering for specialized documentation

  • Passing on unloading instructions and extra sample orders to customer service support

  • Invoicing and admin follow-up are also on your to-do list

What does Molenbergnatie expect from you?

  • The port of Antwerp and the logistic world piques your interest like nothing else!

  • You are past first experiences in this sector, and are committed to excellence in this field.

  • You speak Dutch and you're professionally fluent in English

  • What, how, and when? You can organize the various tasks well and keep an overview

  • With your excellent communication skills you like to work with and for the customer

What can Molenbergnatie offer you?

  • Stable company with a long, interesting history

  • A workplace with innovation and the latest new technologies

  • Training courses, team building, and seasonal presents 🎁

  • A competitive salary package with the option of a lease bike or lease car through wage exchange

  • Ability to work 2 days a week from your home office 🏑


The Molenbergnatie group is a leading, innovative and trustworthy partner in end-to-end supply chain management of soft commodities.
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